I have developed a name and a concept for a printed advertisement for an online service designed for the search and placement of private specialist services

Agency: Fabrica DC, Vladimir Gulenkin
Copywriter: Dmitry Arkatov
Logotype designer: Arthur Reymer
Illustrator: Oksana Grivina

Every day, we encounter problems whose solution we would like to entrust to private qualified specialists but we don't always know where to find them. The private specialists, in turn, encounter the same problem of not knowing where to find new customers in their field of work. Workins is taking on the task of solving the problem for both sides.

Brand Positioning

The first consideration is that the brand is designed for private professionals and individuals in the service sector.

The Brand's Mission

The brand will help private business sell their services. For clients, the service provides an open space on the Internet enabling users to find a professional that meets their needs and to whom they are willing to pay a good price for their services.

The Target Audience

Young (20-45 years old) men and women living in major urban centers of more then 1 million residents; active users of the Internet and social networks; their income level is average, they have higher education, and they are engaged in work of an intellectual nature.

Guidelines for Naming

  1. The cadence should be agreeable both in English and in Russian.
  2. The name should easily transliterate from Russian into English and from English into Russian.
  3. The domain should be available for registration of the name in short form both in the RU zone and in the COM.
  4. The name should stand out regardless of whether or not it is written in Cyrillic letters or in the Latin alphabet. The stress should be identical in both English and Russian.
  5. The name should be phonetically and orthographically uncomplicated, and should be easy to assimilate and remember.
  6. The name should call up associations in line with the values and identity of the brand.


The melodious name is easy to remember. Its phonetics and writing are easy to understand. We have provided an option to obtain and register a domain with an analogous spelling. Declension is allowed in Russian. The name creates a kind of mnemonic while the root of the word indicates the service theme to the target audience.


When creating the logo, we combined the idea of a multifunctional Swiss knife with images related to the services provided by Workins.